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spongelle mini ornaments

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-celebrate your skin this season with Spongelles's giftable body wash infused buffer®

-perfect to hang as an ornament or give as a gift, these body wash infused buffers® will cleanse, exfoliate, massage and nourish

-all in one beauty treatment

-made in usa


Sugar Plum

T: mandarin, effervescent accord M: juicy black cherries, sheer florals, dark berry blend

B: creamy woods, musk


T: effervescent accord, sparkling citrus M: tart cranberries, juicy plum, mixed berries B: white musk


T: cool air accord M: fresh peppermint B: sparking sugar, vanilla bean

Winter Rose

T: bergamot M: jasmine, winter orchid, pear blossom, ylang, rose B: warm sandalwood, sensual musk